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                                                      Dr. McGann is a licensed clinical psychologist a private practice focusing on work with                                                                children, adolescents and adults with in Greenwich Village, New York City. 

                                                      Dr. McGann specializes in the treatment of traumatic grief and loss in children, adolescents,                                                        and adults as well as couples, families and professional caregivers. She has accumulated a                                                        wealth of knowledge in CBT, DBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy for the treatment of                                                          mood, anxiety adjustment and personality disorders in children and adults.  Dr. McGann                                                              has been treating patients for over twenty years. 

                                                      Dr. McGann holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from NYU (cum laude) with a                                                            strong interest in the creative fields.  After teaching art to special needs children, Dr.                                                                    McGann chose obtained her doctoral degree from Adelphi University in 2000 with a                                                                    specialization in children and adolescents. She went on to do a fellowship in the department of child and adolescent psychiatry at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital and obtained a post-doctoral certificate in child and adolescent psychotherapy from the William Alanson White Institute. A devoted mentor, teacher and supervisor, Dr. McGann is currently the Assistant director of Extern Training and a counselor at the New School as well as a faculty member of the Child Psychotherapy Program of the William Alanson White Institute.

In 2004, Dr. McGann lost her sister Nadine to suicide.  Since that time, she has been passionate about helping those bereaved by suicide on both an individual and systems-wide basis. For the American Association for Suicidology,  Dr. McGann currently chairs the Loss Division is co-chair of their Clinician-Survivor Task Force. Dr. McGann was also involved in the development of the guidelines of the Survivors of Suicide Task Force for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. In addition, she presents and consults nationally on topics related to suicide assessment, treatment and aftercare to various schools, colleges and agencies.  

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